At Clayton Hall Academy we pride ourselves on our Gold Standard education. 

The culmination of five years’ work is, in part, seen in the final examination results.  It is also seen in the well-rounded young adults that move on to their lives beyond Clayton Hall. 

To help prepare our students for their terminal exams we provide a lot of guidance and support, this includes our program of internal examinations – our PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations).  These exams dovetail into our assessment processes throughout the school year. 

Below you will find links to a wealth of resources.

Please see the schedule and revision list below which has been designed with pupil welfare in mind so there are not more than two exam sessions per day, there is a short video presentation to support this, including how the exams will be organised and some tips for preparation.  The document was emailed to parents and students earlier this term.

To go with this schedule students have been given a personalised timetable.  Teachers will be running revision sessions in school and will signpost resources for them to use within Microsoft Teams.


Year 11 PPE Preparation

Dates of Year 11 PPE’s: 28th February – 11th March

This year’s PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations) are taking place in the Main Hall and Library, with some additional small rooms.  Students must follow the same rules as they would for an actual examination. Due to how GCSE’s were awarded over the last two years it is even more important this year that students perform to their highest possible standards!

Please see the schedule below which has been designed with pupil welfare in mind so there are not more than two exam sessions per day.

I gave an assembly to Year 11 on November 1st.  A copy of this can be found below.

To go with this schedule all teachers will let students know which sessions their exams are taking place in and give them the relevant revision checklists and support materials. These will all be in Microsoft Teams.

Good Luck!




Y11 PPE Preparation Assembly 

All Other Year Information

Y10 PPE Preparation

Dates: June/July 2022


Current Exam Timetables


2022 Pre-Release Materials

Non PPE Specific Revision Guides

Revision Guides 

Revision Bulletins 

Revision Techniques 


Parent Support 


Examination Rules and Regulations 

We will ask all students to sign a declaration form to agree to the rules and to state they understood them and the potential consequences for non-compliance. 

Please follow this link to view a presentation that was shared with pupils regarding examination compliance. 

The full set of documentation can be found below: 

Current Exam Timetables

There are no current exam timetables available to view right now.

School Performance Tables

School performance tables can be accessed on the Department for Education website - click here.