Home learning forms an integral part of our Gold Standard Education. It helps students further their knowledge and understanding whilst developing their independent learning skills. A key part of our RIC curriculum.

We understand that the many students have active lives away from school and partake in all manner of different clubs, societies and voluntary activities during the evenings and weekends.  Our approach to homework, including frequency and amount of time allocated, is designed to help support these students in getting a balance in their lives. 

As well as the homework that is set, students can stretch themselves still further using the links on each of our Curriculum Subject pages.  Here you will find ideas for further more in depth study of each subject. 

How can we support with Homework 

  • Ask your child to show you what they have been set 
  • Ask them to show you their work before they submit it. 
  • Does it meet the requirements? 
  • Could it be improved? 
  • Have they spent the allocated time on the work? 
  • Can they talk about what they have done and how it has extended their knowledge or understanding?  Verbalising their learning journey is an important aspect of learning. 
  • Are they proud of it? 

Key Principals of our Policy 

  • Homework must be set each half term in accordance with a minimum time allocation outlined below 
  • Students should have at least 4 school days and preferably a full week to complete any homework task (e.g. if set Monday earliest it can be in is Friday of that week) 
  • Homework must be meaningful, it must take learning forward. 
  • It may be preparation for learning, consolidation or extensions of current learning, DIRT or completely new learning. 
  • Homework may be set as individual pieces of work or project based 
  • Therefore one 90-minute project could be set for a 6-week half term (KS3 example) 
  • Homework must be set on Microsoft Teams 
  • Failure to hand in Homework should lead to a Faculty Detention for 30 minutes.  Students will still be expected to complete their work.   

How often is it set? 

Please note homework tasks may be set to span more than one week 

  • Years 9 to 11 Core Subjects: Once a week 30 – 60 minutes; plus, personal study e.g. examination preparation 
  • Years 9 to 11 Other Subjects:  Once a fortnight 30 – 60 minutes; plus, personal study e.g. examination preparation 
  • Years 7 and 8 Core Subjects: 30 minutes per week. 
  • Years 7 and 8 Other Subjects: Up to 30 minutes per fortnight, but commensurate with frequency of teaching.  This means that Drama, Art and Music will be set less frequently. 

Microsoft Teams 

Homework assignments are all set on Microsoft Teams.  For students with limited access to IT these will also be recorded and set on paper. 

See a guide on how to use Microsoft Teams