At Clayton Hall Academy our Gold Standard is that our Academy is the school of choice for the local Community and to ensure that students become resilient, independent and confident citizens.  

Bullying is a barrier to this standard, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Clayton Hall. 

Our approach to bullying has two strands; 


We teach our students to be empathetic, to understand how others feel and how their actions may influence this. We teach them to be kind and respectful of each other and to show tolerance of differences. We educate students about all strands of diversity and to respect and understand that we are all different. 

We work to create an environment where bullying is unacceptable because of the ethos in the school. To do this we have a system of dedicated form tutors, teachers and pastoral staff who deliver a programme of education through form time, and our PSHE curriculum. This curriculum complies with all aspects of the national curriculum and is supported by assemblies that link into form activities and the broader curriculum of the school. 

Dealing with bullying

Whilst ensuring an ethos where the majority do not engage in bullying we would be na├»ve to think that bullying could not happen in our school. In fact, bullying occurs everywhere, in schools and indeed in the workplace. When bullying does occur we deal with it rigorously.  

We will ensure that students know who to talk to if they have concerns, even if they would rather remain anonymous. We will listen to students who are concerned. We have rigorous processes to record, investigate and resolve issues. We will provide support but also sanction students where appropriate in a way consistent with our behaviour policy that students understand. 

Mentors play a significant role in shaping the lives of others, particularly the most vulnerable. We have a team of students trained as Peer Mentors and some of these students have been trained by the Diana award Charity.  

We keep records of bullying incidents so that repeat issues and patterns can be identified and dealt with appropriately.