Join Our Alumni!

Are you a former student of Clayton Hall Academy? Whether you’re a recent leaver currently studying in further or higher education or an established professional you could inspire the next generation! Sharing your experiences could help a current student make the decision to go to university, apply for an apprenticeship or work in an up and coming field. 

There are lots of ways you can get involved. If you no longer live locally you could give a one off talk to students when you’re in the area or help write workshops linking subject learning to the world of work. Those living closer to us might mentor a young person, give mock interviews or help deliver workshops in school. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact and tell us about your life after leaving school, how you’d like to be involved and your availability.

Notable Former Students

A number of famous faces once walked the corridors of Clayton Hall Academy. From athletes to celebrities, here are a few names you might recognise:

  • Eddie Hall – World’s Strongest Man
  • Wes Nelson – Love Island contestant and reality TV star
  • Curtis Nelson – Cardiff City footballer
  • Jake Shakeshaft – Contestant on Eurovision 2016
  • James Buckley Thorp – Founder and Director of clothing company Rupert and Buckley