Prefects are elected by their peers or selected for their positive attitudes and commitment to creating an amazing working environment.

Student leadership is really important to us at Clayton Hall academy. Our students are a committed group of people that want the best for their school community and are willing to volunteer their time to support day to day activities such as lunchtime, in school events like Parents and Open evening, Charity events and supporting other students.

This year we will be working in a slightly different way to ensure the safety and integrity of our year group bubbles. We will be using our normal application process to select student leaders for each year groups. This supports the creation leadership at all levels and will allow students to take on roles not normally available until Y11.

Our Principals Prefects in Y11 are selected by application and interview. We select based on skill, imagination and the ability to problem solve. They support the smooth running of the academy by working closely with different staff members and senior leaders to promote the good work of the school to visitors and parents and to create a link between the student body and staff.

Each tutor group elects a form captain who works with their tutor to share information with the tutor group and shares their groups views as part of the school council process.

We also have Student Voice sessions following our student surveys where students are selected form each year group to share their views and to support with making changes to improve the Academy.

If students are interested in a particular post this is the application form we use

Student Prefect Application Form