We believe it is vitally important to recognise and reward  the effort and engagement of all studentswhether this is in their academic studies or their commitment to the extra curricular life of the school. Therefore the school has a wide range of rewards that can be achieved by all students. In the first instance these take the form of Achievement points (A1, A2 and A3) which are awarded for excellent contributions, engagement and effort in class, in form and for Homework. Each Achievement has a number of points attributed to it and these are added up each term and students are rewarded during assemblies. 

If a student is awarded an A3, they have produced a really outstanding piece of work and will have the opportunity to visit the Principal to show their work and be awarded a  ‘Principal’s praise letter’. 

In addition to Achievement points students can be awarded Golden Tickets for excellent attendance and Behaviour as well as the coveted Principal’s Award for outstanding contribution to school life or recognition of service to the wider community. We have rewarded students for acting swiftly to save the life of a member of the public on their way to school as well as raising significant amounts of money for charity. 

Year 11 students have the chance to win a Golden Ticket to their Prom and following Pre Public examinations we hold positive progress 8 parties to celebrate their success.