A key part of helping your child through school is knowing how well they are doing and how they can improve still further. 

At Clayton Hall Academy this can be seen in many ways, one of which is the school reports. 

You don’t have to wait for a school report to see how your child is progressing. We work along with the students to help them verbalise their learning journeys. Knowing where they need to get to, where they are now and what they must do to get to there. 

We would encourage our parents to discuss this with their children. Looking at any feedback that has been given both in class books or through Microsoft Teams; discussing their assessment maps, which give an overview of where they are in each subject as well as having discussions about their reports. 

That said, an integral part of our homeschool communication is our termly reports. 


What other feedback will students get? 

Feedback is delivered in a variety of formats in accordance with the Faculty Curriculum and Assessment Handbook.  These include Verbal, Peer-Assessment, Self-Assessment and Teacher’s written feedback 

Staff inform students of what they have achieved and how to improve their outcome against their assessment map and also linked to PLC’s (Personalised Learning Checklists) or Mini-Maps as they are developed throughout 2022-23 

Feedback is regular, based on curriculum contact time, and is shared with the student; either by peer, teacher or by self-assessment.  Controlled Assessment and BTEC feedback will follow the rules of the Exam Boards. 

Feedback could be on class work/ homework/ project work 


When do we get the reports? 

You should expect to receive a report as follows: 





Week Commencing 


Week Commencing 

7  30th January 2023 23rd May 2023
8 30th January 2023 23rd May 2023
9  30th January 2023 23rd May 2023
10  30th January 2023 17th  July 2023
11  30th January 2023 27th March 2023


Understanding our Reports and How to Make Best Use of Them 

For help understanding our reports and for advice on making the best use of them we have produced this guide. A link to this should be sent with each report. 

Key Stage 3: Year 7 – Year 9

Click here to open guide

Key Stage 4 Year 10 – Year 11

Click here to open guide