Setting Up Your iPad

After receiving your new iPad and following the bundled set up instructions you have received with it, some useful steps and help is provided below.

Installing Apps via the Student app

Apps issued by Clayton Hall Academy will be downloadable via the Student App. App icon show here:

This includes core apps such as; Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Though some of the critical apps, such as Teams and Outlook, are automatically installed for you. To obtain apps issued to your device, tap on the Student app and browse the available options.

Downloading Apps from the App Store

To download apps from the Apple App Store requires the use or creation of an Apple ID. We DO NOT issue these as part of the iPad scheme, but you are able to create one for free or use an existing Apple ID.

Apple offer help pages on creating Apple IDs below. Creating a Family Apple ID experience may be the best route to take, but the decision rests with you:

Signing In To School WiFi

To connect your device to school WiFi:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap WiFi
  • Wait for the list of available networks to load
  • Tap on CLA-Trusted
  • Enter your username (i.e.: 20JBloggs) do NOT include your full email address here
  • Enter the password you use to logon to the network  / O365
  • Tap on Trust on the pop up box

Your device is now connected to the network