Bistro and Diner

At Clayton Hall Academy we have 2 fantastic eating facilities that offer a varied menu to suit all tastes. The Diner serves Years 7, 8 and 9, and the Bistro caters for Years 10 and 11, both of them serve hot and cold items twice a day.


Catering service – frequently asked questions

Student Questions

Q.        I am student that is entitled to Free School Meals.  How do I order my lunch?

A.         Use the form that is emailed to you in the evening.  You have until 8:30 am to place your order on the day food is required.


Q.         I am a student on free school meals.  Can I split my entitlement over break and lunch time food purchases?

A.         No, free school meals are only available at lunch time.


Q.        I am a student on Free school meals. Can I purchase break time food?

A.         Of course, complete your order on the form shared each evening.  Any purchases will be charged to your personal account.


Q.        I haven’t received an email today with the menu for tomorrow.  What do I do?

A.         Please email the catering services on who will be able to send you the order document direct.


Q.         It’s the first day of the new term.  When will the menu be emailed to me?

A.         We will email the menu to you as normal on the last day of term.  You will have until 8:30am on the morning food is required to place your order


Q.        I don’t want to order my food in advance.  Can I turn up at the counter and purchase?

A.         We are moving to a preorder service.  We are doing this to speed up service at lunch time.  To help ensure we have stocks of the items you want to purchase.


Q.        I have forgotten my pin number for recording my purchase at the till point.  How do I get a reminder?

A.         Speak to the catering cashier who will be able to help you


Q.        I want to pay using biometrics.  Can I only do this at the start of term?

A.         No you can do this at any time.  Please speak to the catering cashier for support.


Q.        The daily spending limit on account is £6 per day and this is too low.  Can this be increased?

A.         Of course, please ask your parent/ carer to email and request an increase.


Parent Questions

Q.        I can’t get access to the parentpay system to top up my child’s account.  Who do I contact?

A.         Please email and one of our team will support you with this.  Alternatively, you can call 01782 973000 and select the option for finance. The team are available from 8:15 – 4pm daily


Q.        I would like to know what my child is purchasing at break and lunchtime.  How do I find this out?

A.         Log on to your parent pay account and you will see the information on the section for meals.  This will show you most recent purchases


Q.        I want to add money to my students account for meals at school.  How do I do this?

A.         You should have a parentpay account login in details provided to you when your child started their education with us.  If you need support in gaining access to this account please email who will be able to assist.

A.            We are asking all families to load money on the accounts via parentpay at this time.


Q.         How often can I load money to my childs account?

A.         As frequently as you like.  This can be daily, weekly, monthly.  The funds generally take around 2 hours to load but can be as quick as 5 minutes.  We ask that ideally that money is loaded to the accounts the night before requirement where possible.


Chartwells Nutrition Magazine

Look out for munch! Munch is our new range of mid-morning break offers and will be available every break between 10:50am and 11:10am.


Lunch Time

The new 2018 menu will run on a 3 week rotation and will be served from 1:10pm every day. The menu offers a diverse range of hot main meals, including popular dishes from around the world, a selection of delicious baguettes, paninis, toasties, sandwiches and NEW exciting salad pots. A range of fruit, yoghurt and granola pots will also be available to enjoy daily. To see the full menu, please click on the link below.

Click here for the new Hot Food menu

A selection of drinks are carefully chosen so they do not contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners, priced from 25p for fresh milk, or a flavoured milk drink, to 80p for a large blackcurrant fruit drink. Water fountains are situated in the dining rooms and around the school and bottled water is also available at 40p.

Who can get free school meals?

If you wish to discuss your child’s diet requirement, or contact the catering team please email