Our Curriculum Intent 

Our intention at Clayton Hall Academy is to create exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore, design and create, in a range of media and materials to support capability, decision making and passion for creative subjects. In a fast-paced world of Creative Arts we know our students need a range of skills in all areas to compete as specialists of the future. In order to ensure their smooth transition from education to career we have designed our curriculum to offer 3 key elements Art, Photography, and the use of Digital media to create artworks. We aim to build on prior learning with the aim of developing responsible, independent and confident artists who can adapt and apply their skills within a range of situations and disciplines. This gives students the best opportunity to develop a genuine love of the subject as well as being able to showcase their talent and develop their skills. As well as a stimulating class-based learning environment, we aim to offer our students a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme. From the very first lesson we use the processes required to instruct students to ensure that they are confident in the processes, language and structures by the time they reach KS4. At the heart of this is the teaching of core skills, knowledge, concepts and values, which are a spiralled and recurring across all Years. Equally important is the development of inter-personal skills that will contribute to the development of happy, well-rounded students who can thrive in the modern world or Art, Design and Photography.



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