Our Curriculum Intent 

At Clayton Hall, we aim to create the very best Mathematicians. We challenge students to think, act and speak like those working in the field would. We do this by gold standard teaching which ensures students understand underlying Mathematical principles and can apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. We teach content in its totality and our philosophy is to teach ‘depth and breadth’

Our Mathematics curriculum provides real stretch and challenge and opportunities for collaborative thinking, as well as space for independent thought and creative solutions. Students are explicitly taught strategies to solve problems and are encouraged by teacher modelling to be able to express themselves in Mathematical language.

The rationale behind our curriculum design includes making learning stick by having a spiral curriculum. The main topics taught are number, algebra, ratio and proportion, shape and data are taught in a cycle. Each time students revisit an area, they are exposed to more complex content, building on what they have already learnt. We ensure the level of challenge is high enough for the most able, with scaffold and support available for students who need it.



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