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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Well-Being    At Clayton Hall Academy we recognise the additional pressure placed on mental health and well-being. At school we offer progressive support for our students and adults and also signpost to external services when required.  Children’s Mental Health Support North Staffs Here are some of the things we offer to our […]


Please find below all relevant Covid-19 information that you need to be aware of:   UNITED ENDEAVOUR TRUST – LIVING WITH COVID-19    This April we have seen the removal of previous C-19 restrictions and look forward to continuing to work our way out of the difficulties that we have faced during the pandemic. We […]

Eco School Award

Congratulations to our eco committee who have received their certificates for the RSPB Bird Watch! Well done to you all 🥳🥳 Clayton Hall Academy recognises the fundamental need to make a change given the current climate situation. Students at Clayton have formed an eco-committee to complete the seven steps outlined in the eco schools criteria to […]

Year 9 Options

Introduction We are about to commence the options process for year 9 where students will choose their suite of subjects to take forwards into KS4.  In undertaking this process, we aim to create a focussed and challenging curriculum, that supports and maximises student progress into KS4 and post 16 transition. Our Futures programme will run […]


‘I NEED TO FEEL SAFE’ Build Relationships FIRST ‘I NEED TO FEEL SAFE’ Listen to Students’ voice FIRST ‘I NEED TO FEEL SAFE’ Move within Students’ comfort zone FIRST ‘I FEEL SAFE’   “The first tool to rethinking success is to review the value of relationships” Paolo Gallo A learning community’s wellbeing has a lot […]

Student Voice

At Clayton Hall Academy the views of students are important and we seek them in two main ways, structured Student Voice surveys, and in the wider sense of communication with students.  Structured student voice activities take place on a schedule over the school year and we reach a high proportion of students by using an on-line survey […]

Reporting Bullying

At Clayton Hall Academy we know how difficult it is growing up (we were children once too!) and how Bullying can make you and others feel.   We want to support our students to be ‘Upstanders’ rather than ‘Bystanders’, we need to report our concerns so staff can deal with all the issues. Don’t think ‘nothing ever happens so […]


Prefects are elected by their peers or selected for their positive attitudes and commitment to creating an amazing working environment. Student leadership is really important to us at Clayton Hall academy. Our students are a committed group of people that want the best for their school community and are willing to volunteer their time to […]


“The Library is the heart of creativity in any school” – Michael Morpurgo The Library is located in the Old Hall, next to the reception area, literally and metaphorically at the heart of the school. It is staffed by a full time librarian alongside a small team of student and prefect librarians. All staff and […]


At Clayton Hall Academy we pride ourselves on our Gold Standard education.  The culmination of five years’ work is, in part, seen in the final examination results.  It is also seen in the well-rounded young adults that move on to their lives beyond Clayton Hall.  To help prepare our students for their final exams we […]