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Our Curriculum Intent    In Key Stage 3 at Clayton Hall Academy, students are taught Design and Technology in mixed ability classes for 3 hours per fortnight on a carousel system. Students rotate termly through Product Design, Engineering, Graphic Design and Food Technology. In each case they respond to a given brief and solve problems […]


Our Curriculum Intent    The Digital Studies curriculum at Clayton Hall Academy will prepare students to be leaders in technology and not just be led by it.  Technology is everywhere and will always be an integral part of their lives.  Our students deserve a curriculum which prepares them for the digital and fast paced world […]

Health and Social Care

Our Curriculum Intent    The health and social care sector is one of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s biggest employers which is why it is an important part of Clayton Hall Academy’s KS4 curriculum. This subject builds on knowledge from KS3 subjects: – English-reading case studies and extended writing; RE- beliefs and culture; food- healthy eating; Science- biology and […]


Our Curriculum Intent    Great Britain has an increasing obesity crisis; this makes good food education  of paramount importance. The students at Clayton Hall Academy are educated about diet, food choices and healthy cooking. Our Scheme of learning is planned against the Food Standards Agency and British Nutrition Foundations core competencies to ensure our learners […]


Our Curriculum Intent    Engineering derives from the word ‘Ingenium’ meaning cleverness. Using this as our class mantra, it is the intention that all students taking Engineering at Clayton Hall Academy learn independent thought in order to tackle real work problems by creating feasible solutions. The course is designed to track industry practices, standards and […]


Our Curriculum Intent  Studying Construction at Clayton Hall Academy provides learners with an introduction to the construction industry and develops learners’ practical abilities for three selected skills from, brickwork, joinery, plumbing, electrics and painting and decorating. This course helps learners understand the relationship between the construction process, the planning of construction projects and construction site […]

Computer Science

Our Curriculum Intent  Computer Science at Clayton Hall Academy is the study of processes that interact with data and that can be represented as data in the form of programs. It enables the use of algorithms to manipulate, store and communicate digital information. Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and […]

Business Studies

Our Curriculum Intent  At Clayton Hall Academy the Business curriculum has been written to develop resilient, independent and confident students who have practical skills, analytical knowledge and evaluative understanding of the World of Business. Through the delivery of GOLD standard lessons students will develop their knowledge of the creation, growth and success of businesses in […]

21st Century Technologies

We are today and the future. How can designers and technologists make life better and easier for people and what are our digital methodologies for doing this? In 21st Century Technology you will learn skills for life be they digital or hand, planning or evaluating, creative or logical. We instil a working ethos that links […]