Empathy Week To Support The People Of Ukraine (7-11 Mar)

Posted: March 8th, 2022

This week is Empathy week for our school community.  As part of our commitment to empathising, many students have expressed a desire to help and support the people of Ukraine.  
We are having a Red Cross Charity event on Friday 11 March which will be a non-uniform event for the whole school (no normal school attire needs to be worn) we would like all students to wear something Blue or Yellow (symbolising the Ukraine flag) to recognise the difficulties that many ordinary Ukrainians are experiencing.  
Students will also be preparing their own charity events in houses and forms to raise money for the Red Cross over the next few weeks.  By donating to the Red Cross in conjunction with the shop John Lewis, who have offered to match fund donations, we hope to be able to raise much needed funds.  We would like donations brought in on the day and suggest a minimum donation of a £1 to be handed in to Form tutors.