Gold Standard Teaching & Learning

At Clayton Hall Academy, we believe that…

  1. All students should have access to a Gold standard curriculum that is broad, balanced and offers students the opportunity to follow their aspirations and achieve their dreams.
  2. Learners with Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium students are our most vulnerable learners; we need to know about and adapt to their needs at subject and whole school level. We must look for the barriers and build bridges to support these learners.
  3. The development of subject expertise is our professional development priority. We want to allow time in teams to work on this and further improve our subject knowledge and the curriculum.

Our GOLD standard Teaching and Learning is built on the following principles of instruction:

  • Retrieve: Retrieve knowledge from long term memory.
  • Question: To check knowledge, understanding and provide verbal feedback.
  • Connect: Connect to prior knowledge and build schemas.
  • Model: Model and Scaffold to support student success.
  • Practise: Rehearse and practise and develop independence.