GCSE Results

At Clayton Hall Academy we pride ourselves on our Gold Standard education. 

The culmination of five years’ work is, in part, seen in the final examination results.  It is also seen in the well-rounded young adults that move on to their lives beyond Clayton Hall. 

Whilst reviewing these results be mindful that this is only data.  Many students have exceptional results, most students have results they can be really proud of and some students who may not have achieved highly against national standards are equally proud of their achievements considering the journeys they have been on with us. 

We are equally proud of all of them. 

Our ethos is about the development of the whole child and not just the academic outcomes. 

Results 2019

Clayton Hall Academy is delighted to announce a significant improvement in results this year. Including an 11% increase in students achieving both English and Mathematics at Grade 4 or higher to 67%, an 8% increase in students achieving English at Grade 5, to 61%,  a 12% increase in students achieving Mathematics at Grade 4 to 73%. Additionally a 16% increase in the number of students who achieve two science GCSEs at grade 4 or higher to 70%.  Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard to bring about these improvements and we are very proud of what our students have achieved.

 Results 2017 2018 2019
Progress 8 -0.13  -0.46 -0.29
Attainment 8 4.8 4.5 4.74
GCSE  5+ A*-C English and Maths – ‘A strong pass’ 37% 37% 37%
Students entered for EBacc 89% 76% 62%
Students Achieving A Strong Pass for EBacc Grade 5+ 31% 21% 15%
Students Achieving A Standard Pass for EBacc Grade 4+ 39% 35.2% 30%
Students who remain in education, training or employment 98% 98% 100%

Comprehensive Detail

To see our results in a more comprehensive format and compare our performance to other schools please visit the Governments Compare School Performance Website Service.

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