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Homework Policy

Homework should be set not for its own sake but to aid the learning process. This work will take on many possible guises and this should be as varied as possible. It should serve one of the following functions:

  • to consolidate and build on classwork by means of extension exercises, practice tasks or revision
  • to cover new material by research, note-taking or guided learning from books and other appropriate sources
  • to develop habits of personal organisation and independent learning
  • to develop skills, both those of general academic benefit and specific to examination demands
  • to extend the range of available resources e.g. using books and information at home and in libraries, and asking other people
  • to provide parents with an insight into their child’s learning, reaffirming their role as partners and strengthening home-school links.

Homework will be set in accordance with the Academy homework timetable which will be agreed and issued to students in September.


  • In Years 7/8: Ebacc subjects to be set once a week, all other subjects once a fortnight. Each homework should take students approximately 30 minutes to complete. Students will have sufficient time to complete the homework, specified by the relevant subject teacher.
  • In Years 9-11: All subjects to be set at least once a week. Each homework should take students approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • If homework does not reach the required standard or is not completed:
    • The student will be expected to re-do the work.
    • A C2 detention will be issued where students will be expected to complete homework.
  • All homework set will be recorded in homework diaries. These will be signed by parents weekly and should be checked on a regular basis by form tutors. Members of the Senior Management Team will check students’ planners as part of the monitoring of students’ exercise books/work.

Homework Policies