Supporting GCSE Preparation

2018 Y11 Parent Support Evening Presentation

Click here for the Parents Survival Guide to Year 11 Booklet 

Click here for the Parents Survival Guide to Year 11 Presentation

As students enter Year 10 they begin their journey towards GCSE in earnest, completing important course work in core subjects and studying their option choices. During Year 11 we begin preparation for the final examinations (held in May and June) by practising in a series of Pre-Public Exams or ‘Mocks’ usually held in November, January and March.

In order to best support your child through this important and potentially stressful period, we provide a number of support and information events to which you will be invited. The dates will be added to our calendar.

2017-2018 Student GCSE Support

Provided by Assitant Principal, Ben Dugdale

Clayton Hall Academy’s first set of Pre Public Examinations (Mock Exams) will start on Monday 30th October. To ensure that our Year 11 students are prepared for these exams we ensure they mirror the actual exams in the summer as closely as we possibly can. In order to provide support and guidance for your child in the weeks before these exams, we will be reminding them in assemblies about how to revise and prepare for the examination period.

As part of this process we will be providing students with revision timetable templates so that they can ensure that they are fully prepared to perform in the exams. A solid revision timetable not only guarantees students cover everything they need to, in time for the exam; but it also breaks everything down into more manageable chunks. See below for a range of revision timetable options.

The Clayton Hall Guide to developing a successful revision timetable

Weekly revision timetable template 

Weekly revision timetable (split into hours) template

6 week revision timetable template

Monthly revision timetable template

At Clayton Hall Academy we understand this can be a difficult and stressful time for both children and parents and so would like to help by providing information, advice and materials that can be used to support your child in making progress throughout Year 11. To this end, please find attached several revision timetable templates so that you and your child can choose which one most suits their way of working. I have also attached a guide to be used by parents and children when developing a revision timetable in the run up to this year’s exams.

I hope you find these resources useful, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in securing the highest results for your child.

Yours sincerely

Ben Dugdale
Assistant Principal

Supporting Option Choices

Since September 2016 the way we organise our GCSE curriculum has been altered so that more time is spent building skills and covering GCSE content from the beginning of Year 9. As students complete Year 8 they have to make choices for the optional subjects they would like to study in addition to the core subjects. Students choose two subjects from the optional selection.  Detailed information booklets are issued each year to help students make these important decisions, and parents are invited to information evenings.

Options 2017-8 Booklet 1 Year 8 FINAL

Options 2017-8 Booklet 2 Year 8 FINAL

Options 2017-8 Booklet 3 Year 8 FINAL






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