Clayton Hall Academy is dedicated to the inclusion of all students and this successful SEN Department provides a high level of support.   If you wish to contact our SEN Department, please email Victoria Rhodes on

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Key Stage 3 Support

Individual programmes of learning maybe organised to support literacy and numeracy of students who enter the school at below Level 4. The success of class support lies in the highly qualified and dedicated assistants we have working in the school.  Some of the things they help with are:

  • Reading the text.
  • Working on the task set by the class teacher.
  • Focusing and concentrating until the task is complete.
  • Assisting in recording homework.
  • Rewarding your child for good work or effort.
  • You can help by checking your child has the correct equipment every day.

In Class Support Throughout the School

During Year 7 and 8 your child may be withdrawn from the mainstream lessons in English and Maths to be taught in a small group.  The work will continue to be similar to mainstream classes but more emphasis is placed on the basic skills. You can help by checking your child’s exercise book and reading through their homework task with them.  You can also help your child by listening to them read and recording this reading in the diary, provided for this purpose. Your child may also have sight words to learn. These will be written on the pages of the diary.


Supporting Access Arrangements GCSEs

At the beginning of Years 9, 10 and 11 your child may be assessed against the criteria for the external examinations they will be taking. Should they meet the criteria set out by the examination board a request for special arrangements will be made. You can help your child by:

  • Checking class work or coursework is completed
  • Encouraging excellent attendance
  • Praising any good work or concentrated effort.

Medical Problems

At Clayton Hall, students with medical conditions are carefully monitored by individual assistants. The assistant will meet with support services and/or other medical staff to keep up to date with your child’s condition. The availability of the lift allows students with lower limb injuries access to the upper floor and therefore there is no disruption to their education. If your child has a long term medical condition which affects their day to day school routine a care plan is prepared to support the learning of your child. Risk assessments are carried out with parents to ensure the safety of children when out of school on a trip or visit. You can help by informing us as soon as possible about any changes in health or medication to your child.

The SEN department endeavors to ensure that your child enjoys their time at Clayton and that all students enjoy the same opportunities.

Useful Websites Link to the local offer page Link to the National Deaf Children’s Society for all deaf and hearing impaired children

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Special School SEND FAMILY PARTNERSHIP: 01785 356921

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