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Educational Visits & Events

Throughout the year at Clayton Hall Academy we run many extra-curricular trips and events, and in order to support, strengthen and broaden our full curriculum we feel it is essential to include external visits and bring subjects to life.

Most weeks something exciting is happening somewhere in or away from the school. Take a look at the kind of the events that take place regularly:
Trips to

  • Language exchange trips to Germany
  • Annual trip to the Western Front, Belgium – History and RE
  • Annual trip to Paris – Maths
  • Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre – History and RE
  • Annual Ski Trip – PE
  • Annual visit to Wimbledon – PE
  • Outdoor Activity Weekend in Wales – GCSE PE
  • Lower School Camp – PE
  • Young Engineer of the Year Competitions – Design Technology and Engineering
  • Keele University Taster Days and Medical School visits – Science and Cross Curriculum
  • NuLC – Design Technology and ICT
  • Theatre visits – English
  • Cadbury’s World and Landrover – Business Studies
  • Disneyland Paris – Music and Performing Arts

Extra-Curricular activities

  • Inter-house competitions
  • Regular Inter-School Sports Competitions and Regional Events
  • Cycle Show
  • NuLC Tasters and Young Reporters schemes
  • Keele University Tasters
  • DeafVibe Event
  • Climbing Club
  • Mountain Biking


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