Curriculum Intent 

The Technology team aim to develop resilient, independent and confident students who have practical and evaluative skills and analytical knowledge in our wide range of vocational subjects. 

Students are encouraged to foster globally-responsible attitudes through investigating materials, technological developments and an understanding of sustainability on a local, national and international level. 

All our subjects include an understanding of how the world works and going forward to anticipate jobs that have not yet even been created. Technology is an ever-expanding discipline that has problem solving at its core, is academic as well as practical, involves learning through doing and we hope above all, enjoyable. 

Gold standard teaching and learning 

  • High expectation of pupil behaviour at all times 
  • Well planned and resourced series of lessons 
  • An expectation that pupils will accept responsibility for their own learning and work independently 
  • User of assessment criteria to be integral in developing students’ autonomy and understanding of their own progression and target setting 
  • Subject specific language to be used by the teacher and students, across both Key Stages, so that the students’ become completely familiar with technical vocabulary in lessons    
  • High demands of pupil involvement and engagement with their learning 
  • A range of practical, oral and writtenskills 
  • Use of a range of learning strategies to support students of all levels 
  • Stretch and challenge through questioning, modelling and via the variety of tasks set 
  • Assessment for learning 
  • Effective use of summative data to inform short, medium- and long-term planning 
  • DIRT 
  • Regular use of encouragement and rewards to engage and motivate pupils  

Key Stage 3 Overview 

Year 7 

When  What we are Studying?  
Autumn 1  Hygiene and Safety, Healthy Eating 
Autumn 2  Knife Skills, Specialist Diets 
Spring 1  Rotation 2 
Spring 2  Rotation 2 
Summer 1  Rotation 3 
Summer 2  Rotation 3 


Year 8 

When  What we are Studying?  
Autumn 1  Hygiene and Safety, Healthy Eating and Specialist Diets 
Autumn 2  Cross Contamination, Costing dishes/Nutritional values 
Spring 1  Rotation 2 
Spring 2  Rotation 2 
Summer 1  Rotation 3 
Summer 2  Rotation 3 


 Key Stage 4 Overview 

Year 9 

When  What we are Studying?  
Autumn 1  Nutrition, diet and health 
Autumn 2  Food groups 
Spring 1  Nutritional needs of different groups of people 
Spring 2  Food Science – methods of cooking 
Summer 1  Factors influencing food choice 
Summer 2  Food Provenance – source and supply 


Year 10 

When  What we are Studying?  
Autumn 1  Primary and Secondary Processes (Practical) 
Autumn 2  Skill Requirement (Practical) 
Spring 1  Technological Developments 
Spring 2  Skills Requirements  
Summer 1  Food Safety 
Summer 2  Practice NEA 1 


Year 11 2019-20 

When  What we are Studying?  
Autumn 1  NEA 1 
Autumn 2  Revision for PPE NEA2 
Spring 1  NEA 2 and PPE 
Spring 2  Filling knowledge gaps identified by PPE 
Summer 1  Revising whole course 


Key Stage 4 Examination Overview 

Exam Board Details: OCR 

2 non-examination assessments 50% 

1 externally set exam paper 1 ½ hours 50% 


What resources could I buy or borrow that will help my child? 

OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition Revision Guide 


What are the key websites or Apps that my child could use? 

Food a fact of life 


What can I do to encourage my child to take a further interest in Food? 

Cook at home 

Watch relevant cooking programmes 


What after school or other extracurricular activities are available in Food and when are they? 

Planning a KS3 cooking skills after school club later in the year 


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