Please find below all relevant Covid-19 information that you need to be aware of:

Clayton Hall Academy Position Statement

In September we re-opened Clayton Hall Academy to full time provision for our students following great restrictions and national lockdown before the summer. We have worked to ensure that students have full access to the curriculum and option subjects, whilst maintaining provision in Year Group bubbles. Additionally, we have been working to ensure that any periods of remote learning, of students having to isolate at home, have been well resourced and that, where possible, we have offered learning via on-line opportunities of a good standard. We have taken a huge steps forwards in using IT as a major vehicle of communication and resource.

We are very conscious of the challenges and concerns around current increases of COVID-19 with the community and have invested considerable time and effort in maintaining as safe an environment as we can. We have sought health and safety advice from H&S experts and from guidance issued by the government, NHS and the unions which support our staff.

We continue to develop our central and academy specific planning frameworks for responding to COVID-19 which we work to constantly and which are robust and detailed. Please find our Risk Assessment documentation and Equality Impact Assessment documents for your reference and reassurance.

We take very seriously our civic duties and our responsibilities to our students, parents, staff and wider community and as public servants want our contribution to resolving the current situation to be well considered, substantial and optimistic. We are also very proud of the hard work and commitment of our staff and school community in rising to the challenges of these unprecedented times.

November Start Of Term Update Letter

County Council October Update Letter

NHS Covid-19 App Use

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Face Coverings In Schools

County Council 10 Step Guidance For Parents

COVID-19 Reopening Risk Assessments and Guidance

COVID-19 Policy Updates

Please see below for extensions to existing policies, or addendums as required. You can view all of the policies here.

  • COVID-19: Attendance Policy Update
  • COVID-19: Behaviour Policy Update
  • COVID-19: Teaching and Learning Policy Update
  • COVID-19: Wellbeing Policy Update
  • COVID-19: Safeguarding Policy Addendum