Staff Contact Details

Mrs  ADAMS Inclusion Leader
Mrs  ALAM  Teacher of Science
Mrs  ANDRUSKEVICIUS  Teaching Assistant
Mrs  ASHTON  Teacher of Science
Miss  WRIGHT House Leader
Mrs  BELL  Science Technician (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs  BRAYFORD  Receptionist/First Aider
Mrs  BRITS  Head of English
Miss  CAIRNS  2nd i/c International Studies (Head of MFL)
Miss  CAWLEY  Exams & Data Assistant
Miss  CHATTON  Teacher of English
Miss  COFFEY  House Leader
Mrs  COLLINS  2nd i/c English
Mr  COOPER  Cover Supervisor
Mrs  CORBETT  Librarian/Form Tutor
Miss  CUMMINGS  Teacher of Art
Mrs  DALE  Head of PaCE
Mrs  DAWSON  Teacher of Humanities
Miss  DOWNING  Science Technician
Mr  DUNLEAVY  Assistant Principal
Mrs  FINDLATER  Office Manager
Miss  FROST  Apprentice TA
Miss  GARDNER  Teacher of English
Mrs  GRAHAM  Science Technician (Maternity Cover)
Mrs  GREATBATCH  Teacher of Spanish
Mr  GURDEN  Teacher of Science
Mrs  HAMPSON  Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  HEPPELL  Teacher of PE  (currently on maternity leave)
Miss  HODGKINSON  Teacher of Science
Mr  HOPKINS  Teacher of D & T
Mrs  HORE  Teacher of Maths
Mrs  HULME  Assistant Principal (currently on MAT leave)
Mrs  IGWE  Teacher of Maths
Mrs  JENNINGS  Teacher of D & T
Mrs  JOHNSON  Teacher of Humanities
Miss  JONES  Vice Principal
Mrs  KAY  Assistant Principal
Mrs  LANSLEY  Teacher of MFL
Mrs  LEWIS  Teacher – Maths
Mr  LEWIS  Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  LOCKER  Teaching Assistant
Miss  MARCHANT  Cover Supervisor
Mr  MARSHALL  Senior ICT Technician
Mrs  MCHUGH  Head of International Studies
Mr  MELLOR  D & T Technician
Mr  MORRIS  Vice Principal
Miss  MORROW  Teacher of MFL
Mrs  MOWFORTH  Teacher of English
Mr  NICHOLLS  Cover Supervisor
Mr  OLIVER  Teacher of IT
Mr  PARTON  Academy Leader of Science
Miss  A PERRY  Teaching Assistant
Miss  S PERRY  House Leader
Mr  PRIME  Teacher of MFL
Mr  QUIGLEY  Teacher of Business/IT
Miss  RAWLINGS  Teacher of English
Mrs  REID  Principal
Mr  P RHODES  Teacher of Geography/English
Mr  R RHODES  2nd i/c PaCE
Mrs  S RHODES  Head of Technology
Mrs  V RHODES  SENCO/Teacher of History
Mrs  SHAW  Teacher – Food Specialist
Mrs  SHELDON  Assistant SENCO
Mrs  SHUFFLEBOTHAM  Attendance/Cover Co-ordinator
Mr  SOUTH  2nd i/c Technology
Mr  STEVENS  Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  STREET  Admin Assistant – Data
Mrs  THOMAS-NASH  Director of Music
Mrs  THOMSON  Teacher of Maths
Mr  TOMKINSON  Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  THORNDYKE  Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  TURNBULL  2nd i/c Maths
Mr  URWIN  Teacher of Boys PE
Mr  WALLBANK  House Leader – Valour
Miss  WHITE  Teacher of Science
Mrs  WHITTAKER  Teaching Assistant
Mr  WILLIAMS  Teacher of Maths 
Mrs  WILLIAMS  Teacher of English