Gold Standard Teaching and Learning

Gold Standard Teaching and Learning 

Goal Orientated (Planning for Progress) 

  •  Starter Task in every lesson. 
  • Blooms, learning objectives displayed clearly. 
  • Students understand the Big Picture, what they are learning and why. 
  • Links to RIC (Resilience, Independence and Confidence). 
  • Highly effective and varied questioning. 

Open dialogue (Feedback for improvement)  

  • Regular assessment and feedback. 
  • Literacy marking in line with literacy stickers. 
  • Student response to feedback (DIRT) using green pen. 
  • Self and peer-assessment used to develop independence. 
  • Progress tracked on student’s assessment maps 

Learning Environment 

  • Positive Learning Environment created by mutually respectful relationships. 
  • Adults consistently model the values of the school and support curriculum intent. 
  • Reward effort and resilience by providing opportunities for students to speculate, investigate, and make mistakes. 
  • Pride is shown in their learning through the presentation of work. 

Differentiation for Challenge and support 

  • Data and student information is used to plan for individual needs.  
  • Stretch and challenge is provided for High Ability students. 
  • Oracy in the classroom is a priority; students respond to questions or contributions in full sentences (talk for writing). 
  • Additional intervention provided for those who need it.